App Deals August 24, 2011

Know when prices drop or when apps become free with this useful iOS app.
This ‘App of the Week’ is contributed app from Joe Picking. I’ve looked into this app and have found it to be very useful, if not addicting. Every day Appsfire Deals posts apps whose prices have dropped or are free for a limited time. Sort the list one of three ways: Now Free, Top Free or Price Drops. Apps are displayed by their app icon, you must click the icon to learn more. Apps are categorized into 20 different categories. Of course teachers will be interested in the Education category, but there are several more categories that may interest specific courses such as:
Category Subject(s)
Photography Art
Sports, Healthcare & Fitness and Medical Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Nursing
News Current Events and Government
Finance & Business Economics

Many of the free apps I’ve viewed so far were originally $.99 which doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up when you are downloading several books for students to read. It’s also nice to have the 20 categories to choose from so you can preview several apps on one theme without getting sidetracked. This app was originally made for the iPhone, so iPad users will have to 2x to fill the screen. If you find an app you want to share, it’s easy to share via Email or Facebook. One word of warning, don’t start browsing for free apps just before bed. It’s easy to get hooked and you’ll find yourself staying up way past your bed time.

Note:There are several apps that offer ‘App Deals’, this app is produced by Appsfire and includes an orange tag in the icon with the word Free! at the bottom.
If you have questions about apps featured here, or a favorite app you would like to see featured, contact Rebecca Rosecrans at TCCSA.