Autism Apps 3/5/12

This convenient app, for iOS devices, lists apps in 30 separate categories to help you find apps for people diagnosed with autism, down syndrome and other special needs.

The list of apps is managed so you know that parents, specialists and users with first-hand experience are contributing to build a quality list.

I really enjoy the categorizing of the apps. I’m not a special education teacher so I can put myself in the parent perspective of ‘where do I start’? This app can be a great aid to parents when searching for apps for their children.  Another feature that parents, and teachers, will enjoy is the ability to search. The search can be limited to free only, and by iPad or iPhone only. If price or device is not an issue then limit the search by rating and get a list of the top rated apps.

This app has value to more than just special needs individuals. Early learners will like the apps found in the ‘alphabet’ category.  Art teachers may like the ‘art’ category. There’s 30 categories to explore so there’s something for everyone. In the Fine Motor & Writing Skills category the “Touch Tutorial Lite” is an app for first time touch screen users. So, mom and dad can practice using a touchscreen. Each app has a description, and when possible links to video demonstrations or video reviews.

I only have two critisms about Autism Apps. The first is that when you enter a category you don’t know which category you are in when in it. You see the list of apps, but if you need to return to that list make mental note of which category you entered. Otherwise you’ll have to hunt and peck your way back. I also think that it is not intuitive on how to exit out of a category. Kids will be fine, but adults may stumble to get out of a list. The left side of the screen lists ‘categories’, so just by tapping it you can leave the current category and get back to the list of categories. Maybe I’m splitting hairs, but thought I’d point this out for first time users.

Autism Apps is developed by ‘TouchAutism’. They also make six other apps, one which I mentioned already, “Touch Tutorial Lite”. Visit their website for their other apps:

 Morea bout “Autism Apps” can be found here:

There are other apps out there designed to find more free apps and you can read more about them through this article written by Vicki Windman for Tech&Learning: