Behavior Breakthroughs 2/6/12


An app for parents, and caregivers, to learn effective behavior strategies in a game-based simulator.

This app is designed by the Southwest Research Institute and offers level one for free. This app is one you may not use yourself, but refer to parents of your students with behavior issues. When you enter the app instructions explain that you are about to begin a training simulation. You will learn skills to manage challenging behavior. Timing and interaction is key. The correct response may seem counterintuitive, like ignoring a child throwing a tantrum. Your response either increases or decreases the child’s level of agitation from calm to explosive. 

You can:

Say something, and a prerecorded voice will talk.
Give Candy
Protect the child from self injury
Ignore the child

The sim begins as Asa, our simulated child, misbehaves because he wants attention and a treat. It’s up to you to keep Asa safe and calm to work your way through this sim.

I think the ‘counterintuitive’ piece is what one will notice most about this app. There are light bulbs and agitation meter indicate your progress. I’ve yet to spend enough time with Asa myself to get completely through level one. Visit SwRI's website for more information:

Behavior Breakthroughs is available for iOS devices through the App Store and PC & MAC versions are available through Amazon.