Brain Counts October 27,2011

This app developer offers several primary level apps for iOS devices. This review covers more than just one app and lists all the free apps available...

Brain Counts started by creating educational apps for their own kids for educational supplement. It turned into a full time passion and now Brain Counts has over 200 Apps in the App Store. Many are free, and offer limited features but with little investigation you’ll be sure to find the free apps that offer more. If you do make a purchase, for a full version, many of their apps are just $1.99. My first encounter with a Brain Counts app was with “Crazy Copy Free”, which is their version of the game Simon.
With so many apps to choose from, it takes a little time to find out which free ones are worth keeping. I’ve tested out a few and have discovered that “Math Free” and “Dino Math Free” only offer one level. I’m sure there are more from Brain Counts with only one level in the free version. Is this worth keeping? Not me, but you decide for yourself.
I also downloaded “Addition Under Sea Math” and was pleasantly surprised at how much was there for free. (This one is a keeper for sure). In this app, there are 25 tiles in a puzzle. The tiles are covering a picture which you reveal through game play. On each tile there is a math problem. To solve the problem one drags a wooden answer piece over to the tile. If it is a correct match the tile disappears revealing a piece of the picture below. As the levels progress, the puzzles are more challenging and less time is given to complete the level. There are settings where one can control this for different levels of learners. The game can be reset to be played again. There are 20 levels in the full game ($1.99). I played up to level 8 to test out how many you get for free, and it looks like I can go to level 11. Guess I’ve got to keep playing to know for sure.
In “ABC Phonics Sight Words HD Free Lite”-for iPad, there are four games in one. This is another keeper! In the set-up, you can choose sight word levels from preschool to third grade. With all levels turned on you get all the sight words in the games. I learned this when I played the first game, word flashcards. There are 17 cards shown each round and when I played a second time there were 17 different words. The flashcard game will speak or spell the word and the player can click on the letters to listen at their own pace. The voices used are well recorded and sound natural.
There are a lot more apps to look into from Brain Counts, and read the reviews before purchasing any. When reading the reviews for “Animals Counting Writing Game Free Lite HD” I learned that even the purchased app only goes to 16. The question “Why stop at 16” came up a lot. The free version stops at seven and those who paid $1.99 would have been satisfied if it stopped at 20.
Lastly, as I go back to look up names of the apps I reviewed; I noticed that the name in the app store, the name under the icon on my iPad, and the name when the game is open doesn’t always match. I had a tough time finding the last one “Animals Counting…” because the icon on my iPad is “123 Writing” and when I open the app the title is “123 Numbers”. This is not a big issue, but if you’re directing a class of students to open an app, just be sure your using the right label. The reviews also mention inappropriate ads to Absolute Vodka. If the iPad is used solely in a school environment, these complaints can be ignored. The school web filter will keep these ads from coming through.
Whether you are studying math, writing (letters, numbers & cursive) or sight words Brain Counts has something to offer the early learner. Here’s the complete list of free apps from Brain Counts. The majority of these apps have not been reviewed. Read the reviews & test them out so you know if they will be useful to your students. Happy Exploring!


Ace Kids Math Games
Crazy Copy Games
ABC Phonics Animals Writing
Addition Under Sea Adventures
ABC Phonics Sight Words
ABC Writing Zoo Animals Game
Animals Counting Writing Game Animal Memory Match
ABC Sight Words Writing
Blackboard Sight Words Games
Dinosaurs Kids Math ABC Phonics Word Family Writing
ABC Learning Pad Game
Alphabet Learning Tool Games
123 Animals Counting
ABC Phonics Word Families
Ace Dinosaurs Memory Match
ABC Easy Writer –Cursive
Animal Sound Board Game
ACE Multiply Matrix
Ace Math Halloween Advanced Game
Aliens Kids Math
All-in-One Big Trace Combo
Align Four
 Approach to Montessori
ABC Easy Writer –Combo
ABC Cards – Tracing Cursive
A Color Learning Tool Game
ABC Dinosaur Stickers Art
Ace Math Halloween Games
Ace Writer –Dolch Sight Words
ABC Easy Writer –Printing
ABC Print Big Trace
Ace Writer Alphabet
Ace Writer –Cursive Alphabet
A Number Learning Tool Games
Ace Math Land –Animals Episode Series
Animal Farm Addition Puzzles
Aaah! Math Zombies
Alpha Cards –Combo All-in-One
ABC First Phonics –Word Families
Adventures Under Sea Subtraction
ABC Cards –Word Family Writing
ABC Cards –Sight Words
Big Number Trace
ABC Cute Animals Stickers
Ace Puzzle Sliders –Undersea
Ace learning –Combo Pack
ABC Cursive Big Trace
Beat Peat
Aaah! Word Zombies
ABC Christmas Nursery Rhymes
All Bugs Out
Ace Learning –Alphabet Keys
Ace Writer –Numbers
Animals First Words Learning Game
ABC Easy Writer –Numbers
Ace Learning –Numbers
Alpha Cards –Alphabet Series
ABC First Phonics –Sight Words
Ace Writer –Animals Nature
Ace Learning –Animals
Animals Learning Tool Game
Animated Numbers
Ace Puzzle Sliders – Farm Animals
Animal Repeater Memory Game
Animals Math Flash Card Game
Ace Writer –Animals
Ace Math Animals Games
Ace Writer –Word Families
All in One Lerning Disc
ABC Disc
Animals Learning Disc
Ace Math Animals Advanced Games