Color Uncovered 4/12/12

Explore this interactive book for the iPad featuring illusions, articles and videos developed by the Exploratorium.


The Color Uncovered app by the Exploratorium was released October 2011. This app focuses on the art, physics and psychology of color. Whether you are a Science or Art teacher you’ll never look at color the same way again.


TheExploratorium is a museum in San Francisco, CA. If you don’t have an iPad, you can visit the Exploratorium’s website collection of online interactives, activities and more.


When I first started experimenting with this app I quickly learned that it is only viewable in portrait format and when each section appears on screen it is initially dimmed. In seconds the screen it lights up, reminiscent of a museum display that comes to life when motion is detected.  There are eight interactives, eight articles and a series of seven videos. All which can be explored without a wi-fi connection. Each item can be explored by swiping side to side or by tapping the multicolored bar at the bottom of every page. Articles are short and to the point, focusing on once concept at a time. Interest is gained by titles such as: “See the Blue Square? It’s Not There” and “Don’t Let the Dog Drive”. Interactives can be practiced directly with the iPad and take only a few minutes to complete. A few interactive require props, such as a clear CD case, but everything is easy to acquire.

This interactive book is ideal for any teacher discussing color and why we see what we see. While the science of color may fall to Biology, Art or Psychology, others may still be interested in this interactive book for personal knowledge.


Go get the app here:

-Only available for iPad with iOS 4.3 or later.