DATA ANALYSIS FOR STUDENT LEARNING (DASL) is a state -of-the-art, comprehensive web-based student information management and decision support system solution for Pre K-12 schools.  A web interface allows for ease of use and navigation; as well as a consistent "look & feel" across all modules.  User friendliness interfaces throughout to combine efficiency with an intuitive layout to accomodate both intensive and casual users.

DASL provides a SEAMLESS exchange of information with the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE) Education Management Information System (EMIS) reporting to meet today's needs.

The entire design of DASL translates into major costs savings and improved data management.  DASL enables today's school staff to work smarter, not harder


DASL Documentation

Manual Course History Cheat Sheet - How to manually add course history for a student.

How to Finalize Your Schedule - This process 'locks' in your schedule and creates the class lists to go to Progress Book.

How to do a Building Withdrawal - Use this feature when withdrawing a student from one building to another within Your District.


DASL Links

DASL Public - Click here to connect to the Student On-line Course Request


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