Doc Scan HD 10/25/12

This past June I came across Doc Scan HD in a list of recommended apps. I wrote it down on a post-it-note and put it in the pile of notes of other apps to review in my spare time. It was quickly forgotten but recently David Miller, Education Coach for Southeast, suggested the app renewing my interest once again.

Any time you find yourself without a way to scan a document your mobile device can help. The difference between using this app and simply taking a photo with your device camera is the type of file that is created. Doc Scan HD will produce a PDF file that you can e-mail and print, while the camera simply captures a JPEG or PNG (image) file.  Doc Scan HD, by IFUNPLAY CO., LTD, is for iPad2+ & iPhone with iOS 5.0 or later. Android users can find comparable Document Scanner apps such as “Handy Scanner Free PDF Creator” from Halfmobile.

1. When you start Doc Scan HD, you can choose from photos stored on your device or take a new ‘snapshot’ with your camera. I practiced both, and found that it’s a nice tool to crop and convert your PNG photos to PDF.

annotated photo

2. When I used the camera I was pleasantly surprised by the tools that allowed me to adjust the image if a corner of the paper was rounded or if my snap-shot was at an angle.

adjust photo

3. After size/perspective adjusting I could make changes such as brighten the image. White paper appears gray and when you trigger the ‘brightness’ tool it’s not clear that the brightness doesn’t go into effect until you click ‘OK’ to accept the change. So, if you don’t like your adjustment you must go back and return to the adjustment screen to ‘reset’ the image.

4. If there are strong shadows, or if you want the white paper to be truly white, switch to black and white. This feature impressed me with a very simple document like a blank music sheet. If the document has text, the letters get much grainier. So, try to scan without converting to black and white.

5. If you want to annotate over the image do it NOW. Once you save, you cannot come back. You can choose ink colors and pen sizes, but there is no eraser, only the undo. You will not be able to erase the annotations either, so decide if this image is meant to be inked or if you are merely scanning a clean copy. Once you are ready, save the file.

6. In the App store, reviews commented about not being able to edit the PDF title. I had no trouble titling it, but I did get confused when I was looking for the PDF export.

If the file is called up and is filling the page, you only get JPEG as an export option (there are more but I am only reviewing the free version of this app). When you are at the documents list view, you will get an option to export the file as a PDF, ZIP or JPEG.


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