Duet Piano September 15, 2011

Duet Piano only works on iOS devices running 3.2 or later but it is a very useful tool for the musical teacher. Whether you are warming up your choir and need to play a single note, a chord, or tutoring a student and want them to play with you simultaneously Duet Piano is easy to use and the right price (free).

Duet Piano for iPad features almost 60 piano keys spanning 5 full octaves to allow you to play REAL music. The keyboard is split into two halves, so you can use one hand on each keyboard, or flip one upside down and play together with a student. You can also customize the octaves of each piano to your preference.  The multi-touch capability still amazes me. I also like that you can zoom in to resize the keys so they are comparable to a real keyboard, but it does limit how many keys are on screen. One person is not going to get both hands on the screen to play both parts of music, but can flip one of the keyboards so both parts can be played by two people. View this example of Duet Piano in action below. NOTE: this is a YouTube video, it is possible that your district does not allow access to YouTube.

Starting this week, the weekly iPad app will be posted on Thursdays.