Educreations 4/5/12

Record your written notes with your own personal white board using the Educations White Board app for iOS.  

Record your voice and drawing to create your own video lessons. Choose from 10 ink colors to: work through a math problem, tutor from afar, add commentary to famous art or even diagram ‘plays’ for the upcoming game. You can annotate just about any idea with the very realistic markers provided. You can undo your last action or clear the entire page with one click. Multiple pages can be created within one recording. If you need to add images, you can. You can move, resize or rotate images that you insert into your notes so they appear where and how you want. Take photos with your camera or bring in photos from your dropbox account to annotate over them on the whiteboard.

To save your recording you will need and internet connection and a free educreations account. Your recordings can be designated private or public. If you keep the recording private, you can share the link with students to limit who can view the lesson. After I created my own account I saw two other options for sharing. One was ‘with my students’ and the other was ‘with my school’. If you share with your students, they can create free accounts and you can keep track of who’s watching your lessons and answer any questions students may have.

This is a great tool for teachers interested in the ‘flipped’ classroom. The ease of use and convenience of posting recordings make Educreations a must have app for anyone. Students aren’t required to have an iPad to view your recordings, simply share the link and they can view the recording from a computer with internet access. Teachers can even create recordings without an iPad at the educreations website:

The Educreations ‘Featured Lessons’ page is a place to start. Watch a few recordings of what others have already posted. I’ve created a quick recording so check it out and see for yourself what Educreations can do.


Educations is a free app only for the iPad. Go get it now: