Feel Electric 5/21/12

From Sesame Street “Feel Electric!”, a 2012 Parents’ Choice Recommendation, is for the iPhone & iPad. Feel Electric! Is part of the Military Families “Finding the Right Word” initiative, this app offers engaging tools that use content and curriculum from The Electric Company to provide opportunities to explore emotional vocabulary and self-expression. Hosted by Electric Company cast members Jessica Ruiz and Danny Rebus, “Feel Electric!” features three fast-paced games, a digital diary to record daily moods, a zany story maker, and more! 

Children can view videos and photos in the “My Stuff” section and can add emotion stickers to photos and video they capture using the camera inside the app.  Points can be earned by playing one of three games, and by learning new words.  There’s no log-in or separate accounts, so the game playing and point earning is good for a single user.

There are other free mobile apps from PBS Kids and I’ve had the Kids Player downloaded for a while. I only recently looked at it in depth and learned that it’s a video player for all the PBS kids programs; offering many video clips that focus on a single educational concept. Each video clip is three minutes or less. You have the option to look up TV Times, so you can catch the current episode as it is aired, or you can buy the full length video to play on your device.

I like the two free apps I’ve downloaded from the PBS Kids collection and I just downloaded the Photo Factory, so I look forward to adding PBS characters to photos. Here’s the complete list of free PBS Kids Mobile Apps:

  • PBS KIDS Video (Early Learning)
  • FETCH! Lunch Rush (Math)
  • Electric Company Wordball (phonics)
  • Photo Factory (creativity)
  • Feel Electric!

For the complete list of PBS Kids Mobile apps visit their website: http://pbskids.org/mobile/ Note: Feel Electric! is not listed on their site, but you can find out more about this app through iTunes, or through the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/feel-electric!/id463493101?mt=8

 This is the last App of the Week until August, enjoy your summer break!