Flashcard(let) {from Quizlet} September 7, 2011

Flashcards, also referred to as flashcardlet isfor iOS.   Flash Card 101 is available for Android, FlashCards is available for webOS. All three of these are free studying applications. For the rest of this article the term 'flashcards' will be used but know that this study app is found under three names in the various app stores.

Flashcards allows you to easily create decks of flashcards for convenient, portable studying. Flashcards also allows you to search for and study Quizlet.com flashcards. Any subject you can think of already has a Quizlet flashcard set that is perfect for studying!

This app handles large decks of cards, images, or simple gestures.

Flashcards feels like a real deck of flashcards and does not get in your way.

Decks can be stored on the local device, so students can study while on the go without a cellular or wi-fi connection.

Decks created at the Quizlet website can be accessed by any student, from any computer. The Flashcards app just makes it easier to access the Quizlet library and the ability to create your own flashcards.

Quizlet also allows students to play games with the flashcards and review cards in a test mode. If you're interested in learning more about Quizlet watch the video below.

Tour of Quizlet.com from Phil Freo on Vimeo.