Flashcards October 6, 2011

Using the definitions at dictionary.com create your own decks or use one of their ready mades to study. This app is for iOS devices only, but anyone with internet access can use the Dictionary.com website.

When you open this app, a list of ‘Popular Decks’ are displayed. The title of the deck and author is listed. It appears that the decks created by Dictionary.com rank as the top 10. You can also choose to browse. So, if the ‘popular’ decks don’t offer what you want you can browse by subject, grade level, or by standardized test. Only the ACT, SMAT and GRE are in the standardized test category.
When you select a deck you can choose to study or quiz yourself. If you won’t have internet access all the time you can easily click the ‘+’ symbol in the corner of the deck and add a copy to your decks. You’ll be prompted to rename the deck. You can look a list of all the words in the deck, so you can decide if it’s a deck worth copying.
To make your own deck an account is required. They send you a welcome message, but you aren’t required to login to that e-mail to move on with your own deck. This free account will let you start your own deck, simply type in a term and the various definitions in the dictionary.com database will display. Choose the definition you want and the card is complete. Your deck must have at least 5 cards in order to save it.


My only issue with creating your own deck is that you can switch the chosen definition, but cannot manually type in a unique definition. So, if Dictionary.com’s version doesn’t satisfy you, then you better choose another flashcard tool to create your own. However, since they have done all the typing, creating a deck of cards was very fast.
Since this app was made for apple’s smaller mobile devices, it uses the iPhone/iPod keyboard, you must click the 2x button to fill an iPad screen. I’m not as comfortable with the small keyboard, but this isn’t the first app I’ve come across where I use it. There are ads, but they are across the bottom and don’t interfere with using the app. In some schools these app bars will be blocked, so they just appear blank on screen anyhow.
Visit the Dictionary.com website to access more than just definitions: http://dictionary.reference.com/ Dictionary.com also has a game titled Miss Spell’s Class. I haven’t looked into that one yet, I think I’ll go do that now.