Google Translate 8/16/12

googl translate iconPractice your translating skills on your mobile device with Google’s translate. Get started by choosing the original, and translated language types. Next, speak or type (copy and paste works) what you want translated. I typed in several English phrases and they were translated accurately into Spanish. As a bonus, I could listen to a built in voice pronounce the translation. When I started speaking my phrases I spoke in French and nothing was coming out right.  It dawned on me that I needed to switch the position of the two chosen languages. Once I made the flip, translations were better.

Since it wasn’t a perfect match I eventually typed in the correct French phrase and listened to the built in voice pronounce it correctly. Once I recited the pronunciation I just heard, the translation worked perfectly. So, I realized that my pronunciation was off, and was able to correct it through typing. This to me makes the perfect study buddy for foreign language students.

Google Translate is available for Android and iOS. It requires wi-fi access to operate.

For Android: 
For iOS:

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