Khan Academy 12/5/12

In January I came across a Khan Academy app. I was all excited until I learned that it wasn’t an ‘official’ app from Khan. So, I banked my notes and sat idly by for the day when an official app would be released. In a recent newsletter I read that the Khan Academy app was updated. What? I missed it? Well, never mind when it was released, the wait is over. (For iOS devices at least)

If you don’t know about the 3,600 videos from Salman Khan’s website then this app is a way for you to start browsing and viewing educational videos at the Khan Academy.  Videos are organized into seven major categories: Math, Science, Finance & Economics, Humanities, Test Prep, Talks & Interviews and Coach Resources. The Coach Resources is a good place to start if you are completely new to Khan Academy. Using Khan Academy in the classroom is a sub-category that will help explain how to use the videos in: Station Rotations, Learning Labs and Interactive Classrooms. 

Once you select a category, then a video from a sub-category, you are ready to watch your first video. Videos can be viewed with subtitles running below or full screen. If you want to jump to a section in the video, simply review the text below the video to start anywhere in the timeline. If you log in, then you can save your progress and pick back up with a video from where you left off.

While reading the reviews I learned that there’s more than just watching the videos. Students can create an account so they can track their progress and they can add you as a coach. When you are a coach you can monitor their progress .  Teachers, aka Coaches, can create lists to organize students into classes and can run reports to view class progress. Anyone age 13 and over can log in with their Google or Facebook account or create one from scratch. Parents can create accounts for students under age 13.So, back to the reviews. Recently comments were negative because there wasn’t a login option. I found a login button just fine. Maybe it was added in the latest update on November 28th?

One last feature worth noting is the ability to download the videos.  It’s just as easy to download the videos from the website, but the portability of the video on your iOS device allows you to study on the go. Videos are easy to manage and delete when you are done with them. This is a simple app, providing a simple service that can make a big impact for students. Get the ‘Official’ Khan Academy app now from the iTunes store.

I’d like to add a bonus app to this week’s review. On December 4th YouTube brought back their app for the iPad. So I guess Apple and Google are starting to mend their business ‘fences’ since the release of iOS6. Go get it now:

YouTube is also available for Android, so if any Android users are still reading this article, and don’t already have it installed check it out at the Google Play Store.

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