Learn this summer in small bites

Grab your lunch and log-on for short learning sessions from TCCSA. This is a time to learn with the freedom to ask questions and be more interactive.
All events are delivered remotely through Zoom. Sign in with your ProgressBook username to register for classes. If you do not use ProgressBook you can still register using your email account. (registration is open to unregistered users)

June 9 Combining Quizzes & Classroom
June 11 Resources with Online & Offline Options
June 16 Engaging with EdPuzzle
June 18 Google Drive...Oh My
June 23 coolEmojis for Emotional Supportyes
June 25 Give Students a Voice with FlipGrid
June 30 Personalize Your Online Resources with Google Drawings

July 2  Creating a Google Site
July 7  Communicate with Google & GradeBook
July 9  Breakout Rooms in Zoom
July 14 PearDeck
July 16 Divide and Conquer your Online Resources
July 21 YouTube-playlist & subscriptions
July 23 Screencastify
July 28 Tips & Tools in Gradebook
July 30 Sorting Sheets

See this full list, as well as August "Back to School" classes here: http://event.tccsa.net