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Video tutorials are linked at the bottom of this page.

 These step-by-step handouts are used in our classes and may require additional instruction to understand them fully. If there are any questions about these handouts, or you would like to report an error please contact the TCCSA Moodle Team. (Rebecca Rosecrans, Shelly Baltic, Roy Templeman



moodle version 2.0-2.3


moodle version 2.4


These handouts were created by TCCSA staff January 2011.They feature moodle 2.0 and can be used for other versions of moodle up to version 2.3. There may be slight differences between the versions, but are similar enough to work for each version.


  These handouts were created by TCCSA staff July 2013.
They feature moodle 2.4 and can be used for version 2.5 also.
  The Basics  v 2.0-2.3   The Basics  v 2.4
  First Time log-in & Editing Profile    
  Navigation & Settings (Quick Reference Sheet)   Navigation & Settings (Quick Reference Sheet)
  Blocks (about, edit & add)   Blocks (about, edit & add)
  Course Interface (Quick Reference Sheet)   Course Interface (Quick Reference Sheet)
  Course Settings v 2.0-2.3   Course Settings v 2.4
  Course Detail (Create, Edit & Enrollment)   Course Detail (Create, Edit & Enrollment)
  Self Enrollment (How to set an Enrollment Key & Student Steps)   Guest Access & Self Enrollment (How to set up Guest access and set an Enrollment Key)
  Completion Tracking & Conditional Access (aka: student progress & restrict access)   Group Enrollment
Guest & Student Login  (Print for visitors & participants)
  Creating & Using Resources  v 2.0-2.3   Creating & Using Resources v 2.4-2.5
  Links Files Folders & Labels   Links Files & Folders
  The "Pages" Resource (how to)   Labels
  Social Features (Comments, Blogs, Messages & Chat)    
  Creating & Using Activities  v 2.0-2.3   Creating & Using Activities  v 2.4
  The Assignment Activity (upload a single file)    
  Blog-like Forum & RSS (Activity & Block)    
  Choice, Feedback (survey) Calendar & Events   Choice, Feedback (survey) Calendar & Events
     Feedback (survey)    
     Calendar & Events    
  The Quiz Activity    
  Quiz Reset & Report    
  Outside RSS Feeds (see blog-like forum handout for feeds inside moodle)    


For Moodle Administrators there is a moodle page providing resources and tutorials: Moodle Administrators and a moodle page featuring several tested and TCCSA approved plugins: Plug-in Playground.

Download readymade courses Courses you can download and courses you can enroll into; as wells as, other content you can import into your own course.

MoodleShare A community of moodlers sharing their moodles, moodle sites and moodle lessons.