neu.Annotate PDF 1/6/12

From the primary classroom to an Administrator’s meeting neu.Annotate PDF is an app that anyone can use to annotate with drawings, highlights, text, photos and stamps.
This is an app that I have had for a while and just yesterday discovered yet another use that brought this app back to the top of my list. Anyone who has files and would like to review them on the go, via iOS device, neu.Annotate PDF is the app for the job.


In neu.Annotate PDF, any PDF file on your iOS device can be opened to read. Whether you transfer files via e-mail or a helper app like Dropbox, as soon as the file is sent to your iOS device, you can choose where you want to open it. Neu.Annotate PDF will be in the list along with other apps like iBooks.  

The toolbar includes a hand to move around the page(s) a select arrow to grab objects you draw, and eraser and line tool as well as three pens and three highlighters for freehand drawing. There are controls to adjust pen and highlighter colors, opacity and width. Five readymade shapes are available and you can choose from over 20 annotations and stamps to use on your PDF.

Photos saved on your iOS device can be brought into the PDF and you can type text into the PDF. When you are finished making your marks, send the file back via e-mail as a picture or PDF. You can send just one page that requires corrections, or send back the entire PDF file.

I’ve always thought of using this app from the administrative side for meetings and reviewing documents on the go. Now I’m starting to see the potential to use this app in the classroom with students. Any worksheet you would ordinarily hand out to students can be delivered electronically. Whether students access your PDF online, or you e-mail it to them, once it’s on their iOS screen they can open in in neu.Annotate PDF and complete the worsheet. Students can practice routine skills by circling, coloring, or writing on the PDF you provided.  Neu.Annotate PDF allows you to insert pages into the original PDF, so a single page writing prompt can expand to several pages with student work. When they turn it back in, they can choose to send just their work or the entire PDF. I’m very excited about the potential of using neu.Annotate PDF in this way and encourage teachers to try it out for themselves.

In the example below you can see a worksheet that a student has written on and colored in using neu.Annotate PDF.