PaperDesk LT November 3, 2011

Whether you are an administrator or student, if you take notes you'll want to capture them with PaperDesk.

I typically write notes on my iPad using a a handheld stylus, made for the iPad, and an app called Tactilis. Recently I came across a much more versitile note taking app called PaperDesk. LT is the free version which allows you to use all the features but limits you to only 3 notebooks with 3 pages each. You do the math, very quicly you'll run out of room to take notes. As long as you send your notes off your iPad, and no longer need to edit them then mayby the free version will work for you.


PaperDesk is designed to mimic a simple note pad. You aren't limited to just hand written notes; you can also insert PDF's from other apps, insert images from your iPad camera or photo library, type or paste text and record audio while typing text. This last feature mentioned is what got my attention. I found that the audio I recorded was only sync'ed with the text I typed, not my handwritten notes but that's OK. If you need to go back to a point in the discussion, meeting or lecture, jump to that typed portion of your note and play back the audio from that time. 

One feature I didn't find to say what it claims is the wrist rest. When I am writing, or drawing I should be able to rest my wrist on the screen. I've been looking for an app that could do this and had great hopes this time, but found that it seems to make my ink jump around and skitter. So, I still have to hover over the screen, but I'm getting used to that since my other note taking apps are similar. 

I'm also thrilled about the PDF export. Keep in mind, when the note goes off the iPad as a PDF the audio does not go with it. 

There's a great video tutorial that highlights everything PaperDesk can do. I recommend getting the LT version, watch the video and find out for yourself. If you do need to store more notes, you can upgrade to the full version for $3.99.

You can watch the video online before downloading (note: the video is in ogg format an may not play well in IE)