Professional Development Classes

TCCSA provides you the opportunity to earn graduate credit for our professional development classes.
Participants of TCCSA professional development workshops may apply for graduate credit through Ashland University by completing 15 contact hours (most often this is done by attending five 3-hour workshops). You will keep track of classes on a form given to you in one of the workshops and have your attendance signed by the instructor.
When you attend your last class (one that completes the contact time for 1 grad credit hour) you will register and write a check to AU for the current going rate of graduate credit. Grades are assigned at the end of each semester.
For districts that do not have a Professional Development contract with TCCSA the additional course fees apply:
3 hour workshop at TCCSA = $50
2 hour workshop at TCCSA = $30
Online Course (hourly) = $10 {online course hours vary}
Contact your local technology coordinator if you are unsure whether your district has a contract.