Professional Development Handouts

This area of our site is undergoing a face lift. We're just starting to post our current resources here. If you received a handout in class it may or may not be listed here at this time. Feel free to contact us about our handouts Phone: 330-264-6047 Twitter: @tccsapd 

Microsoft Word 2013-2016

Defaults to set to get rid of: reading pane, protected view as well as setting your font and line spacing.


Chromebook Touchpad/keyboard: (2 pages)

                Includes viewing all open windows, viewing other keyboards & their combinations

Chromebook Top Row Key Reference Sheet  (1 pg)

Google Classroom

Adding Forms to Classroom

Create a Question (aka Discussion)  *now with a multiple choice option for polling.

Gmail & Contacts

Create a Contact Group to expedite sharing or emailing a group of people:

Gmail for the new user  

Sharing Files in Google Apps

Sharing files 

Google Forms

Using the gMath add-on in G Forms