The Revolution: Interactive Guide 1/23/12


Jeff Grimes created an interactive Textbook for his senior project. His app offers one chapter (34 pages) covering The American Revolution.

Last Thursday Apple announced their release of iBooks 2 and their partnerships with the three top educational publishing companies. A future of electronic textbooks is one step closer to reality in the K-12 environment. You can get a glimpse of what that future looks like with Jeff Grime’s app The Revolution: Interactive Guide. Jeff, who is now a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, created one chapter of an interactive textbook. His textbook focuses on the American Revolution.

The textbook includes flashcards, explorable war maps, audio narrations, review quizzes, interactive biographies and explorable images. While the content is solid, this textbook doesn’t allow one to highlight or make margin notes like with an interactive textbook in iBooks. However, built in interactive quizzes, image hotspots and embed audio recordings make this app worth checking out. Jeff’s app is currently used by 7th graders in Philadelphia. If you teach The American Revolution, check out this app. Easy to navigate, just swipe your finger across the screen once to flip the page and start reading.

If you haven't updated your iBooks, visit the App Store to update to version 2. You'll also find there's a new app for iTunes U. This will allow you to search for iTunes U 'courses'. iTunes U offers many videos and audio recordings that teachers can use in the classroom. I've chosen to cover iTunes U in detail, so look for that as the next App of the week.