ScreenChomp August 3, 2011

Creators of Camtasia and Jing now offer a free App called ScreenChomp. A recordable whiteboard! 

 The weekly app grab from TCCSA is back and starts off with a recordable white board tool. TechSmith, home of Snagit, Camtasia Studio & Morae, & Jing bring you Screen Chomp.

This free app is a white board that includes three markers, which can be set to one of 12 colors, a wipe screen feature and a spot eraser. The option to set a background image allows one to annotate right over a photo or diagram from a photo stored on your iPad. Use the white board to simply annotate on screen, or click record to capture your annotation start to finish with audio. Videos can be shared on facebook or You are given a link, by viewing your recording in safari, to share with others so they can watch your video recording. No account, needed to post your video bites to Videos can be recorded and viewed without an internet connection. Recordings can be deleted from your iPad, but remain online. ScreenChomp is one of the Experiments you can learn more about at the TechSmith LABS.