Sock Puppet 11/29/12

Sock Puppets is for iOS only and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad (iOS 4.1 or later)

You can choose from six characters (only 4 can be used at one time), 11 backgrounds, 16 props & scenery (5 are moveable while recording) in the free version. Voices that are recorded are ‘scrubbed’ so they have a higher or lower pitch. In the settings the pitch can be controlled for each character so one student can be the voice for any of the puppets.

This is an app with many in apps purchases, such as extending your recording time ($.99 to increase from 30 seconds to 90 seconds). You can also purchase the ability to import backgrounds and save your videos to your camera roll. ($.99 each).

This app has almost no learning curve, click new to get started. Select puppets, backgrounds and props and the stage is set. Click the record button and start talking. The character can be moved around on screen and has an arrow above its head so you know which one is designated to move while you speak.

Save your work or share it on YouTube or Facebook.


At first this app appears to be a silly toy for kids to play with, but the educational applications are easy to identify with a little thought.

Students/teachers can create puppet shows to:

-Explain a science concept.

Earth & Space Sciences Standards

Benchmark B: K-2 Explain that living things cause changes on Earth.

Benchmark A: 3-5 Explain the characteristics, cycles and patterns involving Earth and its place in the solar system.

Benchmark B:  6-8 Explain that the universe is composed of vast amounts of matter, most of which is at incomprehensible distances and held together by gravitational force. Describe how the universe is studied by the use of equipment such as telescopes, probes, satellites and spacecraft

Benchmark A, B, C, E: 9-10

Benchmark C: 11-12 Explain that humans are an integral part of the Earth's system and the choices humans make today impact natural systems in the future. 

-Retell a story.

RL 1.2 Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.

RL 1.3 Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details

-Tell about an event from history.

-Share information about a famous person.

-Model appropriate social behavior.

The Sock Puppets app isn't new, it's been around awhile find out more about it here:

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