Socrative 11/8/12

The app this week fits any teacher interested in gathering feedback from students, no matter what device is available. Socrative runs on any device with a web browser. This could be computers in a lab, a classroom set of tablets (iOS & Android) or smartphones.

The teacher login is “”. The student login is “”. Teachers enter their email and password, students enter a “virtual room number” provided by the teacher. A teacher can change the room number in his/her profile settings. A teacher initiates an activity by selecting it on their main screen. Questions can be multiple choice, T/F or Quick Quiz. Students respond and the teacher can see results on his/her screen, or results are sent in an email.

Socrative is very quick to start using. The teacher selects the type of question s/he wants to ask. Students listen to the question in person (no need for the teacher to pre-plan and type in the question). Students then choose an answer.  The teacher reviews the results and adjusts the lesson based on the responses.

There are two types of Quiz-Based Activities to choose from also. The first type is a student paced quiz. Students answer the questions at their own speed. The second type is a teacher paced quiz. Teachers control the speed one question at a time. When a teacher loads a saved quiz, the answer choices can be randomized (for multiple choice). Immediate feedback for right/wrong answers can be turned off (to build a summative style quiz). Lastly, question explanations can also be hidden for answered questions. With these three options enabled, the quiz can be used as a formative assessment.

When a student starts a Quiz-Based Activity, s/he is prompted to enter his/her name. As students answer questions, the teacher can view “Live Results”.  A quiz can have multiple choice, T/F, fill in the blank and opinion questions. When a quiz is over the teacher can choose to have a report of results e-mailed . The results are in an excel file and include the question, students’ answers and scores. Fill in the blank, short answer or essay, questions are not included in the grade and would have to be reviewed manually.

Socrative is limited to 50 users per activity. Quizzes can only be imported using a PC. Socrative provides a Quiz Template.  View the template HERE. Socrative is currently free and in beta form. Simply put, in the future premium tools may have costs but they will always have a free ‘basic’ version.

There is a separate app to download for students and one for teachers. When accessing the site from a laptop or desktop computer simply use the web addresses listed at the beginning of this article. Districts open to BYOD, can take advantage of Socrative’s flexibility to run on iOS or Android devices. Students without devices aren’t left out if laptops can be used from a cart, or if class is in a computer lab. Socrative replaces costly ‘clickers’ (student response systems) and is easy to start using. The ability to import a quiz is ideal when every student doesn’t have access to a device simultaneously. A Socrative Quiz can also be student paced, allowing for a teacher to ‘assign’ an activity and the responses can be collected over the period of a school day.

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