Take an Online course through TCCSA

TCCSA currently has three online course offerings.

  • Add-ons, Apps & Extensions for Chrome
    • This two (seat) hour online course will guide participants through add-ons, apps and extensions. It will also clarify the difference between signing into Google Apps and the Chrome browser. NOTE: Pre-requisite skills include the following. Basic knowledge of Google Drive, Docs and file sharing.
  • GradeBook: New and Forgotten Features
    • This two (seat) hour online course is for any ProgressBook GradeBook user with a schedule. You will learn about new features in version 16 (July 2016) and several forgotten features. (seating chart, resports, update email)
  • YouTube: Channels, Playlists & Subscriptions
    • This one (seat) hour online course will guide participants through creating a YouTube channel to manage playlists and subscriptions.

Visit the TCCSA Online course portal here: http://moodle.tccsa.net/tccsa/ 

Teachers seeking credit for taking one of our online courses can log in using their GradeBook username and password. The ENROLLMENT KEY is tccsapdClasses are free for districts with PD contracts. Contact your tech coordinator or treasurer if you are unsure whether your district has a contract. Online courses are $10 per seat hour for non-contract schools.

Teachers who do not want credit can enter courses as a GUEST. (go HERE and click the Log in as a guest button) the guest password is the word guest.

Questions? contact Rebecca at TCCSA rosecrans@tccsa.net 330-264-6047