Top-It November 10, 2011

Whether you use McGraw-Hill text books or not they are offering Top-It addition. An app for iOS. Four others were free through Friday November 11th but now cost. NOTE: Since the original post of this review McGraw-Hill has offered these apps for free for a limited time. Keep an eye out for announcements from McGraw Hill for one of these opportunities.

Several of the games can be played with ‘guided’ play, so a recording will explain each step. This can be turned off once students are comfortable with how the games work. There are several more free apps from McGraw-Hill such as eFlashcards and Bluster as well as apps for a small fee.


Addition Top-It FREE
Score more points than the other player by comparing sums of two cards. The highlighted player deals two cards to each player. Players take turns dealing cards and comparing sums in each of the eight rounds.
Beat the Computer Multiplication $1.99 after 11/11
Complete the math facts before the time runs out. 20 problems to answer per game.
Equivalent Fractions $1.99 after 11/11
Match all the cards with equivalent fractions to win the game. 10 points are earned for every match and every time you make two or more matches in a row you earn 5 bonus points.
Monster Squeeze $1.99 after 11/11
Guess the secret number by taking turns clicking numbers on the number line. A two player game where you and your opponent try to guess the secret number on a number line (0-10). There are five rounds to play.
Divisibility Dash Solitare $1.99 after 11/11
Clear the screen of number globes by making 2-digit multiples of the divisor. If you answer incorrectly, the number globes turn into armored globes that can’t be removed. The game is over if the field is filled with armored globes or when all the levels are completed.