Tour Wrist September 22, 2011

Experience a far off land with a 360 degree view with Tour wrist. You will feel as if you are actually there because the iPad acts like a window using the built in gyroscope.

Take a 360 virtual tour of the world from your classroom with Tour wrist. You will find some common vacation hot spots like the Pyramids of Giza and the leaning tower of Piza but most tours are unique locations. The inside of a police helicopter in Brazil or the National Day parade in Singapore can open  the world to your classroom to areas not typically explored.
Start a tour by choosing from the Tour of the day, Home/Hotel of the day or Photographer of the day. Tours are categorized by points of interest, real estate, hotels & resorts, dining, retail, arts/entertainment and services. Searching for key words doesn’t give you the best results. I have found that using the Google map with marked tours is the easiest way to start.

After choosing a tour, like the Roman Coliseum I can move on to other area tours much easier using the links or tour button in the bottom right of the screen.

This app is ideal for social studies and foreign language classes. Tour wrist can be used to research an area for any type of report. One thing to keep in mind, tours featured in this app are selective.  This app is categorized as ‘travel’ so you may want to do some poking around before you decide if this app can help you in your classroom.
Even if the tour locations are not comprehensive to worldwide landmarks, or locations, the 360 degree view of each tour gives the user a new way to experience another land. Using the built in gyroscope in the iPad the scenes in the tour move in sync with the iPad. Like a compass, if you move up, down, left, right the iPad appears to be a window to the location of your choice. A ‘visitor’ truly feels immersed in the environment when on ‘tour’.
This app is available only for iOS devices and is contributed by Terri Jewett of Ashland City Schools. Try it online if you do not have an iOS device.