Two Blogging Apps 8/9/12

This summer I learned more about two blogging tools. In a blogging class I learned about Blogger, from Google. I learned there are several reasons why a teacher may get into blogging, such as: to network with other teachers who blog, to communicate with parents and to win free stuff. I am not disciplined enough to keep up with a blog on a regular basis. I feel that I wouldn’t set aside time to sit at a computer to post information. Until…In class, the teacher next to me downloaded the Blogger app to his Smart Phone. I followed suite and signed in with my new Blogger account. NOW, I see the potential for maintaining a blog. If I’ve got my phone with me and I want to post, I can! The blogger app is directly from Google, Inc. It is possible that Blogger is still blocked by some school filters, so you may want to check into that before investing too much time into something students can’t get to at school.The Official Blogger app is available for iOS  and Android devices.

The second blogging app I want to mention comes from Edublogs. Edublogs is a free blogging site that is just for teachers. I’ve known about Edublogs for years but the app, for iOS, was just released this past June. Just like Blogger, a teacher can easily manage their blog from their Smart Phone with the Edublogs app without sitting at a computer to make blog posts. To find out more and to download the Edublogs app visit this link:


Did you know the term “blog” is a mashup of two words?

The ‘b’ comes from the word ‘web’ with the word ‘log’ added to it. Originally people were writing about their own lives, kind of like a diary. Now blogs can be found everywhere from news sites to the classroom. One benefit of a blog is that it allows anyone to ‘subscribe’ and ‘follow’ a blogger’s posts. Another benefit is through ‘commenting’. Those who read the blog, can comment about the blog. This feedback makes a blog more than a website because of the communication between the author and audience. If you are trying to improve communication between the classroom and home, start a blog and ask parents to check it out.