Using "I and Me" 4/19/12

From Super Duper Publications this free app is for early learner with cloze style flashcards for studying.

This week I chose “I and Me” from Super Duper Publications who makes learning materials for kids with special needs. “I and Me” is free and only available for iOS devices. It does not need wi-fi to operate after downloading. The Fun Deck is a stack of visual, and text, flashcards for children to study the proper use of “I and Me”.

You can get started by entering all of your students’ names to track correct and incorrect responses. Up to 5 players can play at a time and switching from one user to another is easy. Scores can be recorded manually or automatically and emailed off of the device. If you don’t have time, or the desire, to enter student names the game can be played without entering any names. 

You can select all 52 cards, or limit to the ones you want students to see. By default all 52 are selected. This is easily adjusted by deselecting the cards you don’t want to use, or deselect all with one tap. 52 cards are a lot to go through, so one may choose to deselect all, then choose 5 or 10 to play at a time in class. The cards can be displayed randomly or in order and include colorful illustrations.


To hear the voice prompts tap the sentence that appears. The two choices “I” and “me” are read immediately after. If an answer is incorrectly chosen, a negative sound effect is heard followed by the prerecorded voice reading the correct answer with the sentence. Visual reinforcement of the correct answers are highlighted in green and incorrect answers are highlighted in red. The voices used to read the sentences and words are real, not computer generated voices and sound very natural.

If you are manually advancing cards you do so by swiping the screen. You can skip a card if you want and a score is maintained for students whose name appears at the top of the screen.  What wasn’t obvious at first is that the cards will continue to cycle. There’s no end! So, if you handed this off to a student and they started to re-play cards their score will be based on the number of tries. Not the number of cards selected in the deck. Be careful if you plan to record this score because some students may have more tries than others. To change a player, if multiple players are set, swipe the name at the top of the screen. Students aren’t locked out of changing the ‘active’ player so keep that in mind when passing one device to different students. I enjoy how easy it is for the teacher to move from one student to another, but I am leery on if I would record any of the scores in my grade book.

I don’t know why two Christmas Elves were chosen for the icon image of this app, but I know it is a simple and easy to use app for any primary teacher, not just special needs.

Super Duper Publications has several other apps. There are some for Android as well. They have one other app that is FREE and it works for both iOS, Android and Nook. The “Age Calculator” allows me to choose both the birth date and test date to calculate a chronological age.  Visit their site for a full list of their apps and to find out more about the “Age Calculator”: