Verbally June 1, 2011

Choose from common phrases, words or start typing and choose from a dynamic list of word predictions. Each word can be spoken as it is typed, and once a sentence is complete Verbally will speak the entire sentence.

Verbally is meant for Augmentative and Alternative Communication but could also be used for Foreign Language study because it also comes in Spanish, German and French.

The keyboard can be set to display horizontally, as pictured here, or for left or right handers. There are two voices to choose from, one female and one male. This app was recently updated April 24th, with improvements to the two voices.

Verbally is one of several assistive technology apps that will be featured in the App Grab session June 15th at TCCSA. To view a list of assistive apps, created by Heather Bridgman and Nick Weiland Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) January 2011 go here: Apps Designed with Disability in Mind

Again, thanks to Josh Bradley for sharing Verbally and the OCALI list of apps with TCCSA