Word Shaker HD 2/27/12

Getting cabin fever? Exercise your mind with Word Shaker.

 Fans of boggle will enjoy this free app for the iOS. Play alone, or with up to three friends. Timed games will allow you to shake the game screen a limited number of times to reorder the letters.  Untimed games do not allow shakes. I rarely choose Game Center apps because of the confusion about signing into the game center. Solo games do not require an account and scores are simply reported on the device. To play with friends, and gain bragging rights on the Game Center scoreboards, a free word shake gamegame center log-in is required.

 I recommend reading the “Tips” found by clicking the “?” or help (by tapping the “X” during a game). The tips really do help. I enjoy the mind exercise this game provides and the tips will aid in finding  words easier. I am still playing an untimed game board, which does not allow shakes. The game board is 4x4 (four letters across and four letters down). The untimed game will give you a number of words that can potentially be found. My game board has 162 potential words. After 20 I was stumped. I read the tips and learned about anagrams, singular vs. plural, versions of words and core words that are found within words. The tips even suggest turning the screen a ¼ turn. I didn’t think that would help since the letters don’t rotate, but the different perspective really helps!

Set a board size as small as 4x4, or large as 8x8. Limit your time as short as 1 minute or play an untimed game. If you find the advertisements too annoying, you can purchase an ad free version for $2.99. The ads only bother me when playing on the iPhone/iPod version because thick ads will cover the word I am building. Color coding helps me find words I may not know, because green coloring hints to me that I’m building a word, but blue coloring hints that it’s not a real word.  When students have free time, indoor recess or need some warm-up time to get focused for a lesson Word Shaker HD is a great game for mental exercise.