Google Meet & Zoom Best Practices & Tips RECORDINGS

TCCSA presented two one-hour "Best Practices and Tips" trainings for Google Meet and Zoom. These best practices and tips are for the educator/host of a meeting using these tools. Instructional tips include 

  • Sound
  • Meeting Management
  • Sharing your Meeting Link
  • Screen Sharing
    • Computer screen
    • iPhone/iPad Screen
      • Display Apps
      • Use as a Document Camera
        • Read Alouds
        • Math
        • Manipulatives

Watching a recording of a live videoconference may seem a little odd since you do not see the tools mentioned in the recording. Consider opening Google Meet or Zoom to start a 'meeting' in another tab while listening to these recordings or pause the video to practice what you just learned.

Complete this form to earn 1-hour seat time once you have finished watching each video. You will be asked to "List three things you learned from watching this online PD".   

Google Meet Best Practices & Tips 

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Zoom Best Practices & Tips

(the video below is from 4/30/20)

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