A new eMail Look

Recently the log-in screen to Outlook Web Access displayed a new look. This summer TCCSA is migrating user's mailboxes to a new version. This very necessary change is fixing the issue with attaching files to messages when using the Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox browsers. Another fix, clicking the "To" button, will once again take you to a searchable gobal directory and your contacts.

When your mail migrates, the new look of Outlook may throw you for a bit. There are at least two settings you may be looking to change right away. Turn off Reading Pane and Conversation View. Conversation view nests messages with the same subject line so only one message displays in your inbox. If you do not like this you can turn it off. Read below for instructions.

To change the location of the reading pane

On the nav bar, choose SettingsĀ  Settings icon > Display settings > Reading pane.
Choose one of the following:
  • Show reading pane on the right, the default setting.
  • Show reading pane at bottom
  • Hide reading pane

Choose OK to save your selection and to close the Display settings window.

Turn Conversation view on or off

At the top of the message list, select Filter.

Select Show as > Messages or Conversations.

Image copyright Microsoft Corp.

For more help with getting around in the new version of Outlook Web Access visit Microsoft's support page: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Getting-started-in-Outlook-Web-...

If you have a specific request for help this summer feel free to contact the TCCSA PD team. 330-264-6047 Rebecca Rosecrans rosecrans@tccsa.net (Rebecca is not available July 3rd - 7th; Joe Picking picking@tccsa.net (Joe is not available June 12th - 16th); Shelly Baltic baltic@tccsa.net (Shelly is not available from June 24th - July 31st.)