Science Bear (middle school) 3/28/13


Science Bear is aligned with California 8th grade Science Standards. Requires wi-fi and access to YouTube. Note: wi-fi access is needed for all content, not just the videos. Science Bear is an iOS only app and they have posted that an Adroid & Windows version are coming soon. Their web site has everything the app has for anyone who wants to access the content without a device.

Science topics are listed across the top of the screen: Motion, Forces, Structure of Matter, Earth Science, Reactions, Chemistry of Living Systems, Periodic Table, Density & Buoyancy, Investigation & Experimentation


Standard & Content



Don’t let the fact that these standards are aligned to California stop you from checking out this app. I compared the Earth Science standard listed and found that the indicators are fairly easy to match up with Ohio’s indicators. For example:

California: (4a) Students know galaxies are clusters of billions of stars and may have different shapes.

Ohio (current standards): Explain that the universe consists of billions of galaxies that are classified by shape.

The example indicator I checked into will move to High School for the new standards, which will be in place for the 2014-2015 school year.

Ohio (new standards):

…There are billions of galaxies in the universe, and they are classified by size and shape…

All advertising is stripped, so there are no distractions from watching the linked videos. Once a video comes to an end, a grid of related videos appear. This is typical of a YouTube video, so know that a student exploring this app on his/her own, could get to other videos. It’s not possible to search with a keyword, but any of the related videos that appear could be viewed. If you exit a video without pausing it, perhaps to explore another standard, or to skip the video and take the quiz. The video will keep playing. You will still hear the audio from the speakers. So, be sure to pause a video you don’t watch to the very end.

I consider this app a ‘wrapper’. It offers everything their web site does but in a more focused way.

Be aware, there is a separate ‘sciencebear’ out there that is not related to this app. The unaffiliated Sciencebear has a YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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