Nearpod 3/14/13

The description of nearpod from the apple store is excellent and straight forward. I’ll be brief in pointing out that it is an app teachers can use to share one iPad screen with several iOS devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad). For the complete description visit the Apple Store and read the description:

 This article offers more of a step-by-step about specific features, and tips that will ease your first time use of the app.

Schools with iPad carts, or in a BYOD environment, can share a presentation with iOS devices simultaneously. Once you download the app to your ‘teacher’ iPad, and to student iPads (or other iOS device) you will create a free account (for the teacher only).Students merely enter a PIN, that appears on the teacher's screen, to access the presentation. The nearpod app has many features but only a few are available for free. There is a large list of interactive features for presentations, which the majority of those can be used for free. Those can be seen in a graphic near the end of this article.

Teachers can sign up for a free account labeled “The Silver Edition”. It allows you to:

·         Download free content from the Nearpod Store (unlimited).

·         Store up to 200 MB

·         Create up to 10 Nearpod presentations (NPPs) with the Content Tool. Presenation size 20 MB each

·         Have up to 30 students logged in per session.

·         Attend live WebiNears.

·         Access the cloud-based Reporting Tool.

Presentations are created on your PC/MAC using Safari, Chrome or Firefox to access the site . Once you are signed in, click Create.You can start from scratch or upload a PDF. 

To add a slide it requests that you upload a PDF or image. PDF’s heavy in text, will not display well. (see example to the left of this text) There are better apps for reading text based files, like iBooks. This app is for presentation and interactivity. Also, think about it; handouts are usually in portrait format. The presenter cannot zoom in, so text based PDF’s may not even legible. When students zoom in, text appears grainy and hyperlinks don’t work.

I recommend uploading your PPT’s that are saved as PDF. The text quality is excellent from PPT’s but you will lose any animations in the PPT. 

 Note: The create feature is not optimized for the mobile browser on the iPad.  You do not create or upload presentations in the NearPod app. Furthermore, iPods & iPhones only download the student version of the app. 

The iPad version has the option to log in as the teacher or enter a pin as a student. Students ‘enroll’ their device, to join the presentation, by entering a PIN the presenter shares. The presenter can see the PIN at the top of his/her screen.

Students must be 13 years or older. Ages 12 or younger must review the Terms & Conditions with his/her parent.




Here’s a tip to help you when adding presentations.

From the nearpod app, on an iPad, you can add presentations from their store. You MUST be on the app, you cannot access the store from your PC/MAC browser. These presentations are free, include interactives (polling, quizzes, etc) and are from places like TED Ed.

Don’t know about TED Ed? Read more about it in my May 2012 App review:

If you want to create your own presentation, from scratch or by uploading PDF’s you MUST be on your PC/MAC accessing your account from a browser. Don’t ask me why they did it this way, but it wasn’t obvious to me, so I hope my tip will save you some time and aggravation. 


Publish: The presentations I was creating on my PC weren’t showing up on the iPad because I didn’t publish them. ALSO, the first slide cannot be interactive, so consider having a title page from PowerPoint made up even though the majority of the file may be done on the nearpod website.

Nearpod offers several interactive features that you can use when creating a presentation, or that you can add to an existing PPT that you uploaded. With the free 'silver' level account only slide show and browse the internet are not available. The majority of the interactive functions are available. Also, the presentations available at the store include interactive features. If you aren't sure if you would want to invest the time to build a presentation using the interactive features, try one of their out with your class first.

Nearpod allows you to create a truly interactive experience with Q& A slides, Polling, Quizzing and drawing. 

I have come across a nearpod app for Android but it wasn't at the official Google Play store. The nearpod website has a page announcing that they will be designing an app for Android soon. You can even sign up to be alerted when it is available. So, I'm not going to download the nearpod from a third-party website, because I know it's not 'official'. If you are an Android user and want to know more about nearpod for Android, visit this site: 

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