Kingsoft Office 4/11/13

The review this week is a ‘highlights’ kind of review. There’s just too much to get into details because Kingsoft Office 5.3.4 is a complete office suite that includes:

Writer –word processor
Presentation –multimedia presentations creator
Spreadsheets –data processing & data analysis

Kingsoft Office 5.3.4 is free and runs on Android devices 2.1 and above. There’s a PC version for your desktop and currently Kingsoft PPT for iOS only allows you to view PPT and PDF files. The next iOS version will allow editing.

This free office suite has enough of the basic features to make it a strong competitor to Polaris Office, another free Android Office Suite and the toolbars in Kingsoft Office are very similar to Microsoft Word. You can hide the toolbars, to maximize space on screen, which is extremely important when working on a phone. In ‘Writer’ you can insert: pictures, tables, bookmarks, hyperlinks, page breaks, header & footer, comments and drawings. In ‘Spreadsheets’ you can insert charts for the data and perform common cell functions. I was pleasantly surprised to see more advanced functions such as: freeze panes and file encryption. The ‘Presentation’ piece has basic insert features (image, text box shape and note) and the ability to ‘Shareplay’. Shareplay is similar to Nearpod where you can share your screen with other Android devices in the room. You can also invite a projector, providing it is connected to your network.

Two features stand out that really impressed me. Selecting text is similar to the iOS when working in Kingsoft Office. A magnifying glass appears to show me where I am pointing. Dropping the cursor between letters is very simple, like on iOS. The second feature is the ability to keep multiple files open and switch between two or more documents. Collaborating between a document and presentation is very easy using the ‘File Tabs’ option in the toolbar. You can even access ‘home’ to start a new document, spreadsheet, presentation or memo.






Files are saved in docx, .xlsx, and .pptx formats. It’s easy to email the files off your tablet/mobile device or upload your files to the cloud: Google Drive, Dropbox, BOX.NET, or add your own WebDAV/FTP choice.


If you are interested in learning more about Kingsoft Office, visit their site to find out more: Download Kingsoft Office for Android here:


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