Geoboard 4/18/13

The Math Learning Center actually has three free apps for iOS. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iOS device, there’s a web app version that works on the Android mobile browser. You can find out more about all three apps: Geoboard (pegboard with bands to stretch), The Number Rack (an abacus) and Number Pieces & Number Pieces Basic (number pieces to learn place value) by visiting their website:

Geoboard is a pretty straight forward app. The pegboard is 5x5 on an iPhone/iPod but the pegboard is 15x10 on the iPad. There are five different color stretch bands on an iPhone/iPod but there are eight on the iPad. The classic pegboard is pretty much the same through this app but with an additional function: shading. Individual areas can be triggered to be filled-in or to appear empty. The shading is translucent, so you can see through to colors and bands below. The shading is a big plus when demonstrating fractions, or determining area between two shapes. Instructions are easy to understand and easy to access through an icon on the toolbar.

I also like that the virtual bands, no matter what order I added them to the board, can be manipulated any time. When working with a real pegboard, with actual rubber bands, I would be limited on which bands I could move. Bands that are added on the same pegs block one another in real life, but virtual bands let you manipulate any layer of bands you like. The only time bands are blocked is when shading is turned on. If you need to manipulate a band beneath a shaded area simply turn off shading for the selected band, to temporarily access bands below. Simply select the band again to turn shading back on when you are done.

If you don’t have an iOS device you can use Web App version on your MAC or PC. Android devices can access the web app version through the built in browser. The web app version offers both the 5x5 pegboard and the 15x10 pegboard and all eight color bands.

Geoboard is brought to you by The Math Learning Center, a nonprofit, and was made possible by a donation from Dr. David Moursund.

The Math Learning Center also offers free math lessons grades K-5:

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