Math Circus Multiplication 5/2/13

math circus icon

From MathCoach Interactive, Math Circus is a free app designed for iPhone & iPad. It’s pretty straight forward. Match circus is a collection of videos that educate the viewer about multiplication. Colorful circus characters set the stage. A friendly voice narrates the animated numbers that appear explaining multiplication very clearly. No wi-fi required for these videos, so this is a great instructional resource for teachers and a great study resource for students who need to review while on the go. 

For each number, two through nine, a video titled “What is Multiplication” is provided using that number. A “Multiplication Table” video accompanies each number while some include additional videos titled: Properties, Strategy and Strategy Practice.

This app has been around a while, and it’s been in my ‘Waiting Review’ folder for some time now. I’m surprised to see that there aren’t many reviews for it but it’s likely that it has just gone unnoticed.

Download Math Circus: Multiplication here:

These video lessons accompany the online curriculum for grades K-5 from MathCoach Interactive. You may not be interested in subscribing to their online curriculum and you don’t have to since the app is free from the app store.


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