Mindmapper 5/16/13

Very rarely do I come across a good mind mapping app that is free and with Mindmapper this is one of those cases. When you first open the app a Quick Guide points out all the controls. You can easily locate it, in the ‘More’ gear icon, to review it later.
There are plenty of tools to control the shapes, layout, colors, and images to use to build your mind map, or outline. I especially appreciated the collapsible style connectors. When my sub categories start to appear too clustered, I can compress a category temporarily.
This app is very intuitive to use with many options to customize your file. Images from your camera, photo gallery, or Dropbox can be added to a topic. Each topic can hold additional text and is represented with a note icon next to the topic text. Volumes of information can be contained in a single mindmap displayed in a clean simple format.
The only element that wasn’t obvious at first was how to store the file in Dropbox. In the iOS version you can send the file to email or printer. The file can be sent as an original MindMapper document, image or PDF. In the Android version I have an entire menu of options to share a map ‘image’. Not only could I email it I could send it to Dropbox, Google Drive, turn it into a QR code and more. So, to save it into my Dropbox account on my iOS device I had to choose to Save As. Once I saved it to my Dropbox, on iOS, it was clear because a cloud icon appeared to the left of the file name at the top center of my screen.

I’ve used several mind mapping tools in the past and this was the first time that it was so easy that I found myself hooked. It was actually fun to use. Give it a try for yourself.  


iOS Version: http://www.mindmapper.com/Product/mobile_ios.asp

Android Version:   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simtech.mindmapper&hl=en

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