SkyDrive 11/21/13

Microsoft is touting the SkyDrive app as a great place to store photos. I have to agree about that for both Android and iOS versions and they give you 7GB of space free storage. The SkyDrive app is an excellent ‘storage’ app and only an ‘OK’ preview app.

You can only view your files and pictures through the SkyDrive app on an iOS device but SkyDrive for Android actually downloads your file and launches your default ‘office-like’ app to view/edit your file. Photos are preview only inside the SkyDrive app for both iOS and Android. For Android it’s exactly like Dropbox. You need a separate app to view and edit the files. For the iOS version of the app it’s similar to Dropbox but the difference is you don’t need a separate app to view the document. Like Dropbox, you will need a SkyDrive account to access your files. When I attach Microsoft files to an email iOS has a built in preview that does display Microsoft files in their original form. SkyDrive saves me from sending myself numerous email’s with attached documents and having multiple versions of the same document out there. 

I noticed some differences while viewing a document on my iPad. Highlighted text wasn’t highlighted, page breaks don’t show, fonts don’t match (the current font format for the document shows up as Times New Roman on iOS) Live editing doesn’t show while previewing a file.

When you need to view a document with true formatting, or would like to edit a file stored in your SkyDrive you will need to open a browser and log into your SkyDrive account and edit through the web app version of Microsoft Office.

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