Class Dojo 11/15/13

I remember walking around the school day with a pocket full of papers with notes scrawled on them where I recorded the days ‘classroom effort’ for my students. At the end of the day I would empty my pockets and record the students’ effort into my gradebook. How things have changed! With Class Dojo I can record students’ effort through my classroom computer or on a mobile device while walking throughout the classroom.  Class Dojo is a web based app that is free to use and offers an app for both iOS and Android operating systems. To get started all I have to do is sign up, it’s free. Upon my initial log in I am presented with callout boxes guiding me through a class, adding students, changing student avatars and recording entries. Behavior is the focus and a teacher can choose from their readymade positive and negative ‘markers’ or create their own. Points are awarded for positive behavior and points are subtracted for negative behavior. Students, and parents, can access their progress with account codes (which are automatically generated). There’s nothing for students or parents to download to participate. They simply access their data through the Class Dojo website.

Other features of Class Dojo include a timer, class attendance, parent/student login monitoring (see who’s checking in) send reports to parents (which are automatically sent to parents who enter their email address).

Class Dojo offers student video guides and printables for the teacher to send home student invitations and parents to access data. Once students sign up they can create their own avatar making the experience more personal and fun.

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NOTE: I will say this, since I signed up for Class Dojo, I am getting quite a few emails from them. I've got to check into changing my settings for my account to turn off notices. Enjoy Class Dojo!




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