Bill Nye 11/8/13

To celebrate 20 years, Disney released an app this past June featuring our favorite science guy Bill Nye. The app places you at Bill Nye’s desk. You can learn about different science topics by clicking on objects and navigate back to the desk by clicking on the ‘20th anniversary’ logo in the top left corner. The hodge-podge of objects on and in the desk include:

In the Drawer

Instructions on how to tie a bow tie
Bill’s business card with an interactive periodic table of elements on the back.
Order videos from the series (in app purchase)


6 science experiments you can do at home: static electricity, salt water egg float, carbon dioxide, test eggshell strength, atmospheric pressure and clean a penny.

Bobble head Bill

Tap the doll for interesting science facts, or the Bill Nye theme song.

Whorl of Illusion

Four optical illusions with an alien theme. Hermon Grid Illusion, Fusiform Gyrus, Stereoscopic Vision and Motion induced blindness.

Toy Robot

Archaeology dig with three levels. Collect artifacts from each level, crust, mantle and core. To play you navigate a robot around the science lab’s back yard. There are obstacles and a dog that gets in your way. When the robot’s light glows you are near something underground. Click the dig button and decide whether it’s worth keeping or not. The holes you dig become obstacles so be careful not to dig yourself into a corner. If you find batteries, you can extend your robot’s life-span. This game is harder than you think and you must collect objects with enough points to unlock the next level. If you exit the game to go back to Bill’s desk you will have to start back at the beginning of the game when you return to play. The game level titles are misnomers and don’t really have anything to do with the game. (crust, mantle & core). As you progress through the game, information about the items you collect is reviewed at the end of each level. Good luck playing.

Palm size Sun dial

Bill narrates this activity providing information about sundials sent on the last three Mars rovers. The interactive sun dial displays the current Earth time and with a tap can display the current Mars time.

Toy Rocket

A space journey where the player uses each planets gravity to launch a rocket across our solar system to get to Pluto. At each planet stop Bill Nye narrates facts about each planet. Each mission accomplished, by launching satellites and taking photos of each planet, earns the player money. Once you get to Pluto your challenge is to return to Earth. There’s a lot to learn with this game, but unless the player waits for the narrations to complete and goes on a mission for each planet, a lot can be missed. Like in the archaeology dig, there’s no way to save your progress when you exit this game.

Retro TV

In app purchases to buy episodes. No need to purchase if you have a Discovery Education subscription, or go to INFOhio’s digital video collection. Early Bill Nye videos can be accessed free for Ohio teachers, parents &students through the INFOhio Digital Video Collection or, more recent videos, through a subscription to Discovery Education.   

This is an overall fun app that has its place with the right lesson. Ideal to use in a ‘One iPad in the Classroom’ situation. The teacher can guide students through the information and students can take turns participating in some of the game play. To enhance your science lesson, or to provide enrichment for students interested in science, download “Bill Nye The Science Guy” app for iOS. (Requires iOS 6.0 or later, sorry iPad 1’s)

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