IXL Math Practice 9/27/13

While reviewing a list of math web sites this week I came across the IXL web site. IXL offers practice for Math K-12 & Language Arts 2-4. Their web site is well organized into grade level and you can even search by state standard. While I was browsing the Algebra 1 section I noticed they have an app. This new app just came out September 13th and the comments from the iTunes store reviews were postitive. I’ll say up front that use of IXL is limited for free. Read more about the app for the limitations.

If you don’t have an iPad, or want to practice drills for grades 7-12 or Language Arts, visit their website directly. http://www.ixl.com/  As for iPad users you need at least iOS 6.1 or newer to use this app.

When you first launch the IXL app you will be prompted with a login screen. Don’t let that throw you, you can continue as a guest for free. The next screen shows you the practice grade levels that are available through the app. (K-6) Once you select a grade level you see a grid of rectangles with labels and icons (very Windows 8 –like) Depending on the grade, there may be more categories available than what fit on the screen, so be sure to swipe down to view more. When you select a category you will see a list of available skills. Select a skill and you’re on your way. Questions appear on screen, one at a time. After submitting your answer you are given immediate feedback. For correct answers a positive word of encouragement is displayed. For incorrect answers an explanation, how to achieve the correct answer, is displayed. Click the “Got it!” button to continue. Progress is tracked at the top of the screen and you know how many problems you have viewed, your ‘smartscore’ and a timer. The timer will include all time spent on the skill because there is no pause for when you read, or work out the problems.  Question types are multiple choice and fill in the blank.

This sounds AMAZING, until you reach your daily practice limit as a guest. The limit is 20 questions. So, if you are using this in the classroom for a set of iPads you will only be able to use it with one set of students per day. If you are using this in the classroom on your computer, you will only be able to practice 20 questions. IXL offers membership, so if you like what you see through their guest access you can subscribe. There are several funding sources and private funding links so access to this resource isn’t out of your own pocket. Funding: http://www.ixl.com/membership/school/funding. Another limitation, which isn’t as imperative, is related to the awards. Guests cannot earn Awards.

Let students know about IXL to practice at home. The quality of the drills are top notch and 20 questions per day is better than no practice at all.

Find out more, or go get the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ixl-math-practice/id693689912

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