NOVA 8/26/13

NOVA Elements is a large app (121MB) rich with information about the Periodic Table of Elements. It doesn’t require wi-fi for the basic functions, like reading about and building elements, but does require wi-fi to play videos connecting you to the two-hour NOVA program “Hunting the Elements” (broken into 12 chapters). This app only requires iOS 3.2, or later, and is compatible with the iPad.

There’s only one complaint that a reviewer posted about a feature of the app. When you visit an element on the table you can practice building its atomic structure. The complaint is, when you SUBMIT your answer you can no longer build it. I thought a quick fix would be to simply clear out the atom but if you do, you can’t play the “Essential Elements” game. Elements have to be ‘built’ in order to combine them. To me, playing the game is what makes the elements come to life because I can build molecules that make up objects I use every day. It’s not clear to the user but you CAN reset the table! It’s on the front page in the ‘settings’. It’s labeled as ‘reset the game’ and a warning appears to notify you that it will delete all progress.

NOVA Elements is a very straight forward app. The narrator David Pogue introduces the app but you can turn off the audio in the settings on the intro page.

I might suggest that you set your screen to its brightest possible setting because the color categories don’t show up very well with a dimmer setting. One last suggestion is to make sure you can afford the time once you start browsing this app. It will suck you in with its interactive features and entertaining videos!

Go get the app NOVA Elements:

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