Spacecraft 3D

I first saw Augmented Reality (AR) on the news where it was featured on the top of a box of Legos. Kids could see what their box of Lego blocks would look like once built, providing an entertaining example of AR. Since then I’ve only seen AR used in education a couple of times causing me to categorize AR as an ‘emerging’ technology still. The Spacecraft 3D Android app, from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology, is automatically an educational app for the Space Science Lesson.

App requirements: Apple or Android device with a camera & printed AR target.

With spacecraft 3D you can choose one of 17 different spacecrafts launched by NASA. These spacecrafts are used to explore our solar system, study Earth and observe the universe. Once a spacecraft is chosen you will need to point your camera at a printed AR Target and volia! The spacecraft appears right before your eyes. Turn the paper, or press the 180 degree button in the app, for a different perspective of the spacecraft. Spacecraft statistics are available which include: size, weight, launch date and history.

Instructions on how to use the Spacecraft 3D app are very clear and are explained thoroughly by tapping ‘Learn More’ from the launch screen. If you haven’t printed out the AR target (marker) a button to print, or email the PDF is also on the launch screen.  

If Augment Reality of Spacecraft doesn't fit your Science curriculum, visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mobile Apps web page. There are 15 apps in all (Space Images, Images of Change, Moon Tours, Rescue 406, NASA be a Martian and Go StarGaze to name a few)

 If you visit our own NASA Glenn’s Research Center (App web page) you’ll discover even more apps: (NASA Spinoff, NASA Television, and apps organized by topics such as: Earth, Universe, Station & Shuttle and more)


Download Spacecraft 3D from iTunes for iOS:

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