Progress Book Support


What Browser do I have?

version 16.1 Updated September 27, 2016

This document describes software and version number combinations that are supported and recommended for working in the ProgressBook Suite.


version 16.0 July 2016

ProgressBooks' GradeBook has a new look with changes to icons, colors and fonts to provide a cleaner display. Don't worry though, all the important links to your classes are still in the same place.

The GradeBook has some new features and enhancements as well.

  • Academic Standards are reading directly from the service provider so they are accurate and current.
  • Standards are organized by subject instead of dates they were released.
  • Student Profile data will read directly from Student Information (SIS) and will be more accurate and provide more information.
  • Medical Alerts
  • Assignment Marks
  • Copy marks or Clear marks in all columns is an option for everyone. Not just those with standards based report cards.
  • Assignment Comments can now have periods at the end of a full sentence. In the past the period dissappeared.


Special Services (SpS) Files

Special Services User Guide
Updated May 2017

This document is for users who write IEPs and other SpS forms.


Special Services System Manager Guide
Updated May 2017

This document covers District Banks, D2D Transfers for SpS tasks, and EMIS tools including the extract process.

SpS EMIS File Design Layout
For EMIS coordinators using the extract


DATAMAP Quick Reference Card

DATAMAP User Guide

DATAMAP Administrator Guide


VirtualClassroom Quick Reference Card

VirtualClassroom Teacher Guide

VirtualClassroom System Manager Guide