What’s on Deck with Pear Deck?

Find out about Peardeck's Flashcard Factory game and more on November 11th 4:00-6:00 PM

Chromebooks Can do That?

November 19     4:00-6:00

Creator Lab October 24th 4-6 PM

An open lab for you to create, with in-house support available as you need it.

Give Yourself a Google Checkup

October 1     4:00-6:00

Solve the Google Mystery

NEW DATE: November 7    4:00-6:00

Book Creator

October 17th 4-6 PM

Fall Semester Courses are free for all TCCSA area districts

Learn and Earn CEU's or grad credit...read more.

Change, Reset and Unlock

Register a recovery email and/or phone number for your TCCSA accounts.

Parent Access on Mobile Devices

Do your users want a ParentAccess mobile app?

Phishing - Email Attack

Your e-mailbox may be the target of phishing; a scam to do harm to your computer or collect personal information.  Rest assured, TCCSA will_never_request your account name and password to be sent to us via email.

Professional Development Info

New Help Desk System

In order to create a new ticket in the Cherwell Service Desk portal, you will need to navigate to this address:


User Name = TCCSA\ (Same user name as Progress Book or DASL) 

Example = TCCSA\wstr_name


The Pros and Cons of Short Throw Projection

When discussing the throw capabilities of a projector, the “short vs long” code is referring to the amount of distance you’ll need to “throw” an image between the projector itself and the screen to get the display size you desire. Simply put, the lens and mirror assembly built into a projector determine its throw distance capability. While most projectors send light onto the screen directly through the lens, Ultra Short Throw projectors direct the emitting lens light away from the screen — reflecting from a mirror of specific angle to direct the image on the screen. This is how they achieve the narrow distance from the installation point to the screen. Regardless of brand, these are categorized by how much distance the projector needs from the screen to create a 100″ image.

2019 Yidan Prize Laureates Announced

Professor Usha GOSWAMI and Sir Fazle Hasan ABED KCMG receive the world’s largest international prize in education.