New Website for TCCSA!

TCCSA is proud to be rolling out a new website in time for Christmas!  Over the holiday, we will be moving from our old (albeit well-loved) website to a new and improved one that plays well on your smartphone or tablet and is based on data.

FREE Virtual Field Trips!

Take your class on a virtual field trip for free. Grant funding makes it free for you! read more...

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ReadSpeaker Adds Text-to-Speech Offerings to Total 245 Languages and 68 Dialects

ReadSpeaker, an integrated text-to-speech (TTS) provider, has announced its audio library now features 245 languages and 68 dialects, including some considered threatened and endangered, with new ones continually being developed by on-staff linguists and language experts. The audio library is available to both K–12 and higher education.

Reading Horizons Launches Free Online Community for Educators

Reading Horizons, a company whose goal is to help educators eradicate illiteracy, has launched a free online community called the Science of Reading Collective. The community seeks to support teachers with any years of experience or grade level by offering free access to all, whether or not they purchase the company’s materials.