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Create an Isearch widget, designated to search your own libary catalog,  by selecting the link below


INFOhio Isearch Widget creation tool



Isearch Powerpoint


INFOhio User's Meeting Self-Checkout video


MobileCirc Link for use on laptops or workstations, either admin use or self-checkout use.

MobileCirc Logon Directions




INFOhio Home Page




View Print Report Setup Instructions   - Correct "The specific path was not found" error message. Reports manual section 15.1.1

Vendor Spec Sheet


SIRSI Workflows Manual

Zipped SIRSI/Workflows Installation File - From this site you can obtain the SIRSI install file and complete directions

3 of 9 Font - Download the Free 3 of 9 Font

INFOhio Attendance Module - Log in to attendance or check SIRSI policies

INFOhio Inventory Online Handbook    - Assorted Resources

Video Guide for Inventory - Inventory Videos

Offline Circulation Video - View the tutorial that will help you use SIRSI Workflows to checkin/out books when you do not have an internet connection

Video Guide for Report Session Setup - Resolve the pathway error by viewing this video