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Use WorldCat to search for records that you could not find in the INFOhio Database first or Library of Congress.





New SIRSI Ver 3.4 overview

View the new features of the SIRSI ver 3.4 upgrade in this 7 page Word Document

 View the new updates of SIRSI ver 3.4 in a powerpoint, 15 slides.





View Print Report Setup Instructions   - Correct "The specific path was not found" error message. Reports manual section 15.1.1

Vendor Spec Sheet


INFOhio Inventory Video    - Video

3 of 9 Font - Download the Free 3 of 9 Font

INFOhio Attendance Module - Keep your library attendance or check SIRSI policies

Offline Circulation Video - View the tutorial that will help you use SIRSI Workflows to checkin/out books when you do not have an internet connection

SIRSI Workflows Manual

Video Guide for Report Session Setup - Resolve the pathway error by viewing this video

Zipped SIRSI/Workflows Installation File - From this site you can obtain the SIRSI install file and complete directions

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