To submit a support ticket you can simply send an email to

You do not need to login to a portal to submit a ticket.

To assist in routing the ticket to the appropriate person, please include a brief summary of your support topic as the subject on all emails sent to

  • Please do not include details of the support issue in the subject.
  • Instead please include all details of the support issue in the body of the email.

When support tickets are received by TCCSA, each ticket is routed to the appropriate support area (eFP, network, EMIS, DASL, etc). All TCCSA team members share in this responsibility to route tickets to the appropriate area. After submitting a ticket using the above email address, the email is ingested into the support software and a ticket is created. The ticket will be routed internally at TCCSA to the appropriate support area.

You will receive email replies when someone begins working on the ticket and when a TCCSA support staff member replies to your ticket. You will then be able to reply via email to answer any questions that are asked of you. The entire support communication can be performed via email.

To reply to a help desk email coming from TCCSA support staff, simply click reply in your email client and type your message at the top of the email body.

Please do not modify the To: address, as it must remain

As you begin interacting with the support process, please take a look at all the information available in the emails that you receive during the interaction with TCCSA support staff.

The full history of all communication on the ticket will be displayed in each email with the most recent communication closest to the top of the email.
You can also get a full history of your tickets with TCCSA by logging into SolarWinds with your TCCSA account.

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