The Education Management Information System (EMIS) system provides information about student performance
and participation and the needs of school districts.  The information gathered must facilitate comparisons among districts
and school buildings within the districts.  Each school must periodically collect and report the information required to the Ohio Department of Education.

TCCSA helps coordinate with its 24 school district EMIS coordinators reporting of their data.  The Software Support Team offers training and technical support on each of the reporting periods.


EMIS Alliance

EMIS Alliance Grant Videos


Working Assessment Missing List 1 Slide per page June 2022

Working Assessment Missing List 2 Slides per page June 2022


    Troubleshooting TLC Report 1 slide per page - Dec. 2021

    Troubleshooting TLC Report 2 slides per page - Dec. 2021

    LRC District Detail


    Excel to Troubleshoot EMIS  1 slide per page - Nov. 2021

    Excel to Troubleshoot EMIS  2 slides per page - Nov. 2021

    Pivot Table

    Set up a Macro


    Troubleshooting Federal Child Count (FCC)  - 2 slides per page: Nov. 2022

    Troubleshooting Federal Child Count (FCC) 1 - 1 slide per page: Nov. 2022


    Troubleshooting Where Kids Count (WKC) 1 slide  June 2022

    Troubleshooting Where Kids Count (WKC) 2 slides  June 2022


    Troubleshooting Graduation Reports 1 slide per page - September 2022

    Troubleshooting Graduation Reports 2 slides per page - September 2022



    SSID - April 2021 two slide handout

    Batch SSID Process


    Troubleshooting FTE - 1 slide per page   May 2022

    Troubleshooting FTE - 2 slides per page May 2022

    Subtotaling the FTE report

    School Payment


    Troubleshooting CTE Reports - 1 slide per page  April 2022

    Troubleshooting CTE Reports - 2 slides per page April 2022

    CTE Program Matrix



    Reporting Period L:

    FY17 - Staff - USPS - CI, CK, CJ,  and CC records (updated 10-16)

    EFP - Overview of EMIS Staff Reporting

    EFP - Entering Employee Information for EMIS Staff Reporting

    EFP - EMIS Data Export Process


    Report Period P: Five Year Forecast

    Five Year Forecast Instructions

    Reporting Period D:

    FY22 - March Follow-up Collection ( D) CTE Workforce Development Follow-Up   (2/14/22)


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